Anti-Spam Policy

Our system allows our customers to send email and/or SMS to their subscribers, clients or prospects who have given permission for their email address or cell phone number to be used for such communication. Under our Terms of Use, we will not allow our customers to use our service for unsolicited email or SMS. By definition, an email or SMS is spam if the email or SMS is commercially-related, and:


And we do not tolerate the sending email or SMS that:

How to opt-out: 

If you feel you have been spammed, we suggest you do one of the following:

At the bottom of email sent by NorthTrac® Marketing communications, there is a link which enables you to unsubscribe from our customers list. By clicking that link, you will automatically be taken off their list (after confirmation on the web page). This feature is obligatory for our clients and we add it automatically to any email we send on their behalf. You can be assured that you will be removed from their list.

To be certain you are not sent any emails from any person or company that utilizes our service, you can take it one step further by sending an email to with Stop in the body. This will take you off all the lists of all our customers. Be careful when choosing this option as you may terminate an email newsletter or offer you might wish to receive.

If you receive an unwanted SMS from our service, simply reply with Stop and you will be moved to the “no-contact” list of all our customers. You can also send a message with HELP in the body to receive a list of valid commands to stop or reactivate your cell phone in our system.

If you believe you have tried the above methods to unsubscribe and you are still receiving unwanted mail from our service, we would like to speak with you to make absolutely sure that it does not happen again. Please call us at 888.717.5637 for support or send an email to When you hear a voice message, please leave us a call-back number and we will return your call as soon as possible.

We take spamming very seriously, and wish to eliminate any culprits that are abusing our service.