Disease Management

NorthTrac offers health professionals the chance to provide better results for their
clients by gathering more effective data and offering better paths to disease management.

Manage Wellness

Whether your clients are focused on Disease Management or Health Management, our programs can help you tailor a wellness routine that will improve your efficiencies and their experience.

Testing blood sugar levels

Pain levels must be compared as your client builds strength and makes the changes that can help them fight inflammation. You can help them track that with the right software.


Stabilizing the spine is crucial whether the condition is adult onset or a carryover from childhood. The results of these efforts can be measured, shared and improved on with NothTrac.


Diet, medication management and a regular exercise routine can help a client manage their diabetes.Through NorthTrac you can work with the client to help the them stick to their goals.


Whether you're measuring stamina, lung capacity, lifting tolerance or blood pressure, your ability to guide the client into a healthier lifestyle will be easier thanks to our Disease Management.