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Personal Trainers

NorthTrac provides software tools to help personal trainers communicate with their clients
and offer the support they need to achieve their next health and fitness goals.

Easier than ever.

Long-lasting, healthy lifestyle choices require commitment and dedication. This dedication is the fuel that drives NorthTrac Software. Our team is devoted to building technology that empowers professionals to do their work a smarter easier way.

Working out with the help of a personal trainer.

Personal trainer showing how to make healthy food.

How Our Software Empowers You To Become A Better Coach:

Session Tracking
With session tracking, coaches and wellness providers can view their client's progress and assure they are following the recommended program.
Goal Tracking
Goal tracking provides a visual representation and benchmarking of client momentum. Depending on the goal of each client, this could be improving diet, cutting fat, adding muscle mass, building stamina, or increasing agility. Our goal tracking software is easily programmed to help clients meet both long-term and short-term health and fitness goals
Conferencing Tools
With telephonic conferencing tools, you can quickly connect with clients face-to-face anytime, anywhere. Add a personal touch to your services, allowing clients to easily connect with you if they need help or want to ask a question.
Survey and Assessments
Constructive feedback is always helpful for making improvements in your processes, people, and service offerings. Surveys and assessment capabilities empower you to collect opinions from your client base so that you can build a business with a strong foundation of loyal customers.
With NorthTrac software solutions, it's easy to distribute the program you've developed to help them meet their physical, mental, and other fitness goals. Regardless if you offer simple or complex individualized programs, your clients always have access to theirs in the palm of their hand.
Appointment Management
Our Appointment Management module assures that you never inadvertently miss an appointment again. Easily view your scheduled appointments so you can be at the right place at the right time. For convenience, it integrates with other popular calendars so you can sync your schedule and block out times when you are unavailable to avoid double scheduling conflicts.
With so much going on, our Reminder System helps keep you and your team on track! You never have to forget about scheduled tasks, meetings, or appointments again.
Biometric Activity Tracker
Our biometric activity tracker helps provide an overview of clients activity output. When working to achieve any health or fitness goal, making a consistent effort across days, weeks, months, and even years is key to success. Accountability matters!
Team Tools
Increase productivity, morale, and communications by syncing your team to work together more effectively. Rally together by using tools and technology that empower your organization to work better together.
Video Conferencing Tools
When you need to talk to a group of people, video conferencing tools empower you to connect. Further, video conferencing tools help control costs, giving you a secure platform to discuss the topics of the day. Quickly meet with clients, team members, or other vendors, regardless of location.

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