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NorthTrac is a software platform that provides modern health and wellness solutions. NorthTrac will increase productivity for
teams that are focused on wellness programs, disease management, emotional intelligence, and personal training.

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Wellness Management Platform

NorthTrac is a member management platform that focuses on providing the tools wellness professional need.

NorthTracs Management Platform on different devices.


NorthTrac provides simple and comprehensive tools for communicating with your audience. Our services relay information to your client, collect client activity, and evaluate your communications with your client.


Whether you want to conduct screenings, follow-ups, or coaching sessions, NorthTrac provides a platform for you to consolidate your client scheduling into a single funnel.


NorthTrac was built for those who make a difference in people’s lives. Coaches, registered nurses, doctors, wellness coordinators, and health informatics specialist have participated in making NorthTrac what is today.


NorthTrac provides tools to collect data about your clients in many, readily available formats. This can help you analyze the patterns of a client or the patterns of your whole health program.

Why NorthTrac?

NorthTrac is a one-stop solution that will strengthen your personal and team efforts to provide healthier lifestyle choices to your clients and give them the experience they need to engage your program or service offering. If you are looking for a single tool that can streamline your daily activities this management platform is for you.

A health coach helping teach somthing to another lady.

Solving Coaching Problems

NorthTrac delivers customizable, scalable tools that can streamline wellness professionals daily coaching efforts to provide healthier lifestyles for their clients.

Coaching Tools

People Looking over Schedule

Solving Scheduling Problems

NorthTrac takes away the burden of changing schedules. With NorthTrac’s simple and flexible scheduling tools, you can tackle any event of any size.

Scheduling Tools

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Solving Content Problems

Delivering the right information at the right time can be complicated. NorthTrac has content libraries and news channels you can customize for your audiences.

Content Solutions

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NorthTrac Apps

Learn more about how we can help you while on the move.

Our Apps
NorthTrac Coach App
NorthTrac Coach

With our easy to use interface you will be able to manage, track, and engage your clients on a day to day basis.

NorthTrac Survey App
NorthTrac Survey

This app can illustrate the scoring outcomes of surveys or assessments.

NorthTrac myCoach App
NorthTrac myCoach

Jump in the pocket of your clients and enable communication with them as they go about their everyday life.

NorthTrac Axis 2 App
NorthTrac Axis 2

Work-site wellness professionals can document biometrics and administer NorthTrac’s personal health assessments offline.

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