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The Participant Card is a tool I have found helpful in particular when I do not have internet access while working with my participants. This card provides me with current as well as historical data on BIO’s, Labs and PHA information and at my fingertips. It also gives me the ability to see prior comments and coaching information that may be pertinent to the current coaching session.


As an Account Coordinator, there are times where scheduling for screenings and follow-ups has been a headache. NorthTrac has taken scheduling to the next level by providing the ability for participants to schedule themselves for their own screenings and follow-ups at a time that is convenient for them. It has also assisted in our “show rate” by sending out automated appointment reminders to all participants prior to their appointment date.


I love the fact that NorthTrac has been tailored to meet our specific needs. We have data exports available that range from just simple demographic exports to detailed PHA, coaching and screening information. These exports along with the reporting tools available assist me as an Account Coordinator in providing fast and efficient information to my companies with a click of a button. Additionally, there are many features available to improve my productivity. For example, if I need to send information to all participants at a company I am able to utilize the software to send mass emails. During annual screenings and follow-up appointments, I am able to utilize the mass email functions to send out user names and passwords to all participants. These are just a few of the features that have assisted me in my role.


There have been many features within NorthTrac that have enabled me to streamline my processes and also improve my productivity as a Wellness Coach. A few of the features I have benefited from would be the ability to track my coaching sessions by documenting all information exchanged between myself and my participants. I have enjoyed the new feature which enables me to track the level of engagement of each participant. I also have found that utilizing the “comments” sections such as those within the coaching dashboard gives me the ability to quickly remember personal details about my participants.


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