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About Us

NorthTrac provides enterprise software solutions for health and wellness organizations, and productivity tools for small to large teams.

We believe in the work wellness professionals do every day to impact lives with long-lasting, healthy lifestyle choices. That’s what drives the work we do – our commitment to creating technology that helps health and wellness professionals worldwide impact change with their patients and clients every day.
NorthTrac is more than a coaching and wellness portal. We have worked with a variety of organizations from health and wellness to products and service distributors. NorthTrac alleviates some of the repetitive duties you would perform on daily basis.

More Than Wellness

NorthTrac is a different kind of wellness platform. It provides a simple yet comprehensive approach to how health and wellness professionals interact with the people they serve. Our customizable platform delivers a boiler plate foundation to track health goals, coaching sessions, biometrics, maintain appointments, collaboration tools, questionnaires and many more. Whether you’re in the office or on the go, NorthTrac has the right tools to satisfy the needs of you or your organization.

Why NorthTrac?

If you are looking for a way to streamline your daily activities or simply looking better way to manage the resources within your organization, NorthTrac can help you strengthen your teams efforts, while giving your clients the tools they need to engage with your organization.


Northtrac provides a simple, yet comprehensive way of communications with groups or individuals clients within your portfolio. Our services allow the ability to relay, collect activity, and evaluate the communications that are being relayed in and out of the platform. Our baked in AI allows the ability to view if communications are being reached and how clients are interacting with your communication efforts.


It is difficult to manage a lot of activities happening all at one time. NorthTrac provides a powerful way to provide scheduling options for your clients, and built-in appointment management style for tracking screenings, follow-up, coaching, and many other type of event based activities.


It is important to capture the right data. This data allows you to transform the outlook for your clients and within your organization. NorthTrac not only provides the tool to collect the information need, but makes it readily available in many formats. Whether your researching patterns of an individual, to researching the population health of your whole program. The tools are present to assist with providing the right recommendations for change.


We understand that every team member has a role to play in achieving a world-class service. Therefore, it is important that you are using the right tools for your internal/external team. NorthTrac was built with teams, of coaches, registered nurses, doctors, wellness coordinators, and health informatics specialist. To provide a platform that is used drive the everyday routines needed to get their jobs done. Working seamlessly together, NorthTrac has become one of the key components necessary to achieve their daily operations.

Key Features

A Comprehensive Toolset

We know there is not one tool to fix every problem. Therefore, we have provided an arsenal of tools for you and your team to utilize. You may pick and choose what features are best suited for your team. Take a glance at some of the features below. Contact Us to learn more on how we can help streamline your everyday activities.

  • Coaching
    Manage member follow-ups, promote engagement, set goals and plans, and measure success with our highly comprehensive member management tools.
  • Biometrics
    There’s more to knowing physical numbers than diet, height, and weight. Manage, trend, and explore data to get a better snapshot of each client and/or company.
  • Accept Payments
    Give your members a way to pay for products and services with NorthTrac’s integrated payment solutions.
  • Groups
    Utilize groups to share information, notification distribution, conversation, or for a place for your clients to collaborate.
  • Event Management
    Whether managing a Health Risk Assessment, screening event, coaching session, or dietary consultation, with NorthTrac you can schedule appointments, manage, and share information with clients.
  • Insights
    Turn data into action with our powerful insights. NorthTrac provides the data you need to make the right decisions in your enterprise.
  • Branded Member Portal
    Your name. Your logo. Your wellness program. Your member portal carries your brand and message – setting you apart from the competition.
  • Notification Center
    Create, interact, and engage with your entire clients via our integrated email and text messaging console.
  • Secure Video Conferencing
    Conduct one-on-one sessions with clients across the globe. Our secure video conferencing platform allows you to connect with clients from the web to mobile devices.
  • Fitness Tracker Integration
    Enhance your client experience by giving them the ability to connect their fitness trackers to NorthTrac.
  • Surveys
    Design and collect surveys, giving you the information you need to serve clients and make better decisions–right at your fingertips.
    Reach your clients during their daily routines when healthy choices are not always top of mind. Send MMS or SMS messages with our easy-to-use text messaging service.

NorthTrac Apps

NorthTrac Coach

NorthTrac Coach provides a simple yet powerful way to interact with your clients while on the go. With our easy to use interface you will be able to manage, track, and engage your clients on a day to day basis.

We have also added an easy way to engage your clients safely with our TeleHealth video conferencing modules, which enable you to provide a face-to-face experience with your client base.

  • Health & Welless Coaching
  • Appointment Managment
  • Bio-metrics Tracking
  • Client Session Tracking
  • Video Conferencing
  • Goal Managment

NorthTrac Survey

NorthTrac Survey provides a simple way to facilitate NorthTrac Surveys offline and upload results at a later date. This app also provides the ability to illustrate the scoring outcomes of the survey or assessment.

The NorthTrac survey app provides an easy way to capture feedback, assessments, and test or quizzes and delivers results to your enterprise NorthTrac environment. After uploading information to the NorthTrac cloud you will be able to access insights, generate new clients from survey results, and also attach survey/questionnaire data to existing clients.

NorthTrac Steps

Stay connected on the go with NorthTrac Steps. NorthTrac Steps will allow you to communicate and stay in touch with your wellness or lifestyle goals.

  • Track steps (Available for iPhone 5s+ / Utilizing HealthKit) will also pull steps from Apple Watch.
  • Manage profile
  • Collaborate with wellness coach and post food photos
  • Schedule for events
  • Participate in wellness challenges
  • Track Goals and Goal Progress
  • Send Photos of foods that you are eating to your wellness coach or dietitian
  • Video Conferencing

NorthTrac Axis 2

Enabling work-site wellness professionals to document bio-metrics, and administer our Personal health assessment offline from various events, and syncing back to your organizations NorthTrac Cloud.

NorthTrac Axis give you the visibility to view appointment schedules, bio-metric collection status, and Health Risk Assessments (PHA's) collection for upcoming screening events.

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