About NorthTrac's Health and Wellness Solutions

About Us

We deliver quality solutions that provide awareness and promote
positive changes in health and wellness for the customers you serve.

Who we are.

NorthTrac is a member management platform that focuses on providing tools for wellness professional that gives them the ability to capture, plan, and measure changes for the audiences they serve.

Tools for wellness professional on different devices

NorthTrac's Software as a Service (SaaS) solution allows wellness programs to successfully reach participants in their journey towards changing their outlook on personal health and helping them understand the importance of internal strength.

Using the NorthTrac Portal

Using NorthTrac

Wellness professionals use NorthTrac to follow their clients’ progress, answer the important questions, and plan the next steps for clients to achieve their fitness goals.

Additionally, the analytical data NorthTrac provides allows you to update participantss’ wellness plans.

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Why NorthTrac

NorthTrac connects clients to wellness professionals to guarantee a wellness program that fits each clients’ needs.

The success of every company depends on how well its employees are aligned with their company’s goals and with each other. NorthTrac optimizes interaction between wellness professionals making it easy for wellness coaches to customize their programs in respect for how each individual is able to achieve progress on their wellness initiatives.


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Lets Make it Yours.

We understand that one size doesn’t fit all. NorthTrac is customizable, ensuring that we will find the right solution for your needs. Take a glance at some of the features below.

Customize features in NorthTrac


Manage members by conducting follow-ups, promoting engagements, setting goals and plans, and measuring success with our highly comprehensive member management tools.

Event Management

Whether conducting a health risk assessment, screening event, coaching session, or dietary consultation, with NorthTrac you can schedule appointments, manage events, and share information with clients.

Secure Video Conferencing

Conduct one-on-one sessions with clients across the globe. Our secure video conferencing platform allows you to connect with clients on the web with mobile devices.


There’s more you can do with numbers that represent physical health such as diet, height, and weight than just keeping track of them. NorthTrac can manage, trend, and explore data to give wellness coaches a better understanding of their client.


Turn data into action with our powerful insights. NorthTrac provides the data you need to make the right health decisions for your enterprise.

Fitness Tracker Integration

Enhance your client’s experience by giving them the ability to connect their fitness trackers to NorthTrac.

Accept Payments

Give your members an easier way to pay for products and services with NorthTrac’s integrated payment solutions.


Utilize group events to share information, notification distribution, conversation, or collaboration.

Branded Member Portal

Your name. Your logo. Your wellness program. Your member portal carries your brand and message in order to set you apart from the competition.

Notification Center

Create, interact, and engage with your client base via our integrated email and text messaging console.

Survey Builder

Design and collect surveys that will give you the information you need to serve your clients.


Reach your clients during their daily routines when healthy choices are not always on the mind. Send MMS or SMS messages with our easy-to-use text messaging services.