Wellness Apps

NorthTrac's wellness apps help to ensure your team is effective online
and offline by delivering the information you need to impact and reach those you serve.

Iphone with all NorthTrac wellness apps downloaded

Easy to use Wellness Apps

With our NorthTrac Apps you can have an easy way to capture feedback and assessments and distribute test or quizzes that delivers results to your enterprise NorthTrac environment. You can also engage your clients safely with our TeleHealth video conferencing modules, which enable you to provide a face-to-face experience.

These wellness apps also give you the visibility to view appointment schedules, bio-metric collection status, and Health Risk Assessments (PHA's) collection for upcoming screening events.

NorthTrac Coach

NorthTrac Coach provides a simple yet powerful way to interact with your clients while on the go. With our easy to use interface you will be able to manage, track, and engage your clients on a day to day basis.

NorthTrac Survey

NorthTrac Survey provides a simple way to facilitate NorthTrac Surveys offline and upload results at a later date. This app also provides the ability to illustrate the scoring outcomes of the survey or assessment.

NorthTrac myCoach

Stay connected on the go with NorthTrac myCoach. myCoach Steps will allow you to jump in the pocket of your audience and allow them to communicate with you as they carry on with their everyday life.

NorthTrac Axis 2

Axis 2 enables work-site wellness professionals to document bio-metrics and administer our Personal health assessment offline from various events. You can also syncing back to your organizations NorthTrac Cloud using this app.